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woman with red hair holding child in her arms on the beach

We co-create solutions with you that draw on modern and traditional understandings of the intersections between emotional, psychological and physical health.

we promise you...


We acknowledge the impacts that stigmas surrounding motherhood and the systemic short-comings of conventional women’s health institutions may have had on your journey thus far.  Your vulnerability will always be met with kindness.


We guide women towards seeing ourselves as powerful, building trust in our own intuition and establishing healthy routines that fortify resilience and inspire joy. You create your own health and happiness; we never hold expectations of you that you don't enthusiastically consent to. 


two women in pink flowy dresses running on the beach

whole-person care for
all stages of womanhood


woman with brown hair holding a candle on the beach

nurture mind

nurture body

nurture her

NurtureHer is a holistic, trauma-informed and safe space to explore womanhood and elevate well-being. By blending nursing sciences with worldly, natural wellness traditions, we aim to empower all women to take ownership of their health through the embrace of our whole selves. 

inviting you home,

to your self

when we say holistic health

• evolving family roles • hormone imbalances • nutritional education • fertility • birth recovery • lactation consultation •energetic healing • anxiety • depression • burnout • body neutrality •

•living with a chronic illness • end of life care •

womans hands reaching upwards
purple and white flowers on skin folds of a woman
beautiful black woman in meditating with eyes closed



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